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$120 000/  $120 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.25

Today we have another great and worthy airdrop for our airdrop hunters thanks to CoinDeal Round 4 airdrop where our airdrop hunters can earn up to 150 BBD tokens with an estimated value of 2.25 USD for completing some easy social media tasks such as joining CoinDeal's official Telegram Group, follow CoinDeal on Twitter, follow BBODTrading on Twitter, retweet their tweet on Twitter, register on CoinDeal's website, verify your email address complete at least a starter level on CoinDeal website and submit your details on their official Telegram bot for further verification. To be eligible for the CoinDeal's airdrop reward you must complete all of their listed social media tasks and submit your details on their official Telegram bot. Your prize will be awarded to your Coindeal about 2 weeks after the Bot is closed.
NOTE: They also have a referral reward program:
- 50 BBD for every referral
- 150 BBD for everyone who creates a CoinDeal account

CoinDeal is an exchange platform where you can buy and trade digital currencies. You will be rewarded with 20 CDL tokens once you pre-order their crypto debit card. Their CoinDeal mobile app is now available for trading. The main features of using CoinDeal is that you have fast and easy verifications, 24h support services, AML and KYC policies and you can trade over 40 cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies. They also allow users to use credit card payments for Bitcoin.

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