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CryptoKami Airdrop

No team and the whitepaper is posted on medium (why? so bad formatted!). They catching people with the "$50 for free" but you have to contribute at least about $200 to receive these $50 in the crowdsale so that's no airdrop for us. After the crowdsale you can change the $50 at least for 10 KAMI (without "s") without contributing. Additionally you get 100 KAMIs for joining Telegram and following twitter. Makes 10 KAMI + 100 KAMIs. KAMIs is another token and not equal to KAMI. We're not sure what he is used for other than to trick people. There's a small paragraph in the whitepaper about it with the purpose that these KAMIs were created only for the bounty program. According to their website they sell 800 KAMI for 1 ETH at the pre-sale, so the 10 KAMI (you receive from the $50) are worth around $9 (0.0125 ETH). We believe the project is way overvalued, so the tokens might be worth way less than now, but that's our opinion. And we really don't like that they try to trick people with the $50 for free and the other token names. The missing section about the team leaves only 2 stars out of 5.
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Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.1

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