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Today we have another great airdrop for our airdrop hunters thanks to the CryptoSoul (SOUL) project where our users can earn up to 1,400 SOUL tokens that are equal to 0.30 USD for completing some easy tasks such as registering on CryptoSoul website, downloading their Merge Cats game and login in on their app and for this they will receive 300 SOULD tokens, you can earn an additional 1,100 SOUL tokens as a bonus if you play the game for 30 minutes, this task is optional. Also, you can earn an additional 150 SOUL tokens for each of your referrals. To be eligible for the airdrop you must complete all of their tasks. The (SOUL) token is already listed on CoinMarketCap with a current rank of #1684 and the price of one SOUL token is 0.0002 USD, their market cap is 43,000 USD with a total supply of 285,022,271 SOUL tokens. Their SOUL token is already listed on some exchanges such as Hotbit and Mercatox.

CryptoSoul (SOUL) project is a cryptocurrency token that is built on the Ethereum platform. CryptoSoul is a cryptocurrency game studio, they have built multiple famous and popular crypto games using the valuable gaming cryptocurrency called SOUL.

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