Crypto Wealth powering SmartDigiSkills Edtech Platform - The Uber Of Education for the next Billion. CWJ (acronym) is a digital token that will power an emerging markets-focused mobile education platform. CWJ is a token that will power SmartDigiSkills (SDS) an emerging markets focused mobile education platform with the mission to empower over 100 million students and young professionals, to acquire the digital skills necessary to earn freelance income, become entrepreneurs, or transition to a new digital career in the face of AI and automation
$43 279/  $60 000
Airdrop ends in 4d 03h 26m
Estimated Value : $30

Verify your mail and upload your ID for verification.
Submit your details to the airdrop form.
You will receive 30 CWJ ($30) tokens.
You can earn an additional 10 CWJ ($10) for every referral.

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