In 2019, the last Eggs Airdrop Round occured in August 1st. If you grabbed EGGs from Cocoricos' Airdrop (or any other Eggdrop) after that date, we will propose you to wait for Cocoricos' Exchange in 2020 Q3 to receive ALL EGGs that you see on your profile. Our goal is: 1 EGG > $ 1. Participate at the EGG Pre-Sale by clicking here. You will be able to purchase EGG at the lowest price ever.

Dalong Wallet

Dalong Wallet is airdroping 1,000 DLT to max 10,000 community users. Dalong is a powerful and easy-to-use features are trusted by millions of users. DLT is Dalong wallet token. Users who hold DLT can participate in Dalong wallet revenue dividends, including but not limited to transaction commissions in DApp, advertising revenue commissions, etc. Dalong provides attention to the public chain ecological construction while providing excellent wallets such as Ethereum, EOS and TRON and providing an unparalleled DApp mobile experience.
$20 000/  $20 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $8.5


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