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Endorsit Airdrop

Endorsit is an underlying content network in this post Internet era. (Comparable to STEEM)
$122 850/  $122 850
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.1

Professional project with a good whitepaper and a huge team (but without linkedIn links). They also have many partners and already an existing user base. The token mechanism is similar to the one of STEEM.

The airdrop is easy and fast to claim. The 666 tokens aren't that much compared to the total supply. Additionally they mint every year 20% new tokens (compared to STEEM about 9%). We think inflation is nothing bad especially for these platform as STEEM already has proven. But that's a whole ne story.

Overall because of the missing linkedIn links and the rather smaller token amount we rate it with 4 stars.

Listed since early stage

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