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ePRX Airdrop

eBitcoin (already traded on CMC with a market cap of around $10M) has partnered with ePRX and they are doing an airdrop. They have a good team and a working app (currently only on Android). The whitepaper is quite short but still contains all important information. They allocate 300.000 ePRX tokens. The amount of tokens you receive depends on the number of participants. We estimate the price of one token at about $3 because ePRX was formerly PRX and the now change PRX in a 1:2 ratio to ePRX (You receive 2 ePRX for 1 PRX). PRX was traded at around $0.8 but the total supply was 6 times higher, so we estimate ePRX will be traded at about $3. update (after distribution): Well due to EtherDelta the value per token is way lower as we expected, but you've also received more tokens than we expected. We'll find out the real value after they get listen on an exchange. Btw. if you hold eBTC you'll get also ePRX in a 1:1 ratio on 17th of March, 2018, at 21:00 GCT - the time the airdrop ends. More links: eBTC CoinMarketCap: ePRX Android App: ProxyCard

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