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Ferrum Network (Round 2) Airdrop

Ferrum Network is a fast interconnectivity network designed for decentralized cross-chain financial applications. Ferrum enables the management, transaction and exchange of any digital asset, without taking custody of user’s assets. Built on a directed-acyclic graph (DAG) network, it is faster, less costly and more scalable than traditional blockchains. Ferrum is blockchain agnostic, meaning it can support assets from any network, and is not limited to ERC-20 tokens.
$33 000/  $33 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $3.3

Sign-up with your details on the Test-Net.
You will receive 200 FRM tokens.
or more details, visit this Medium page: medium.com/ferrumnetwork/ferru...

Listed since early stage

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