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Fortem Capital Airdrop

The mission of experienced Fortem Capital team is to provide safe and proven products based on original real estate investments. They provide investors with an opportunity to invest their assets in real property sector, through their projects by using the Fortem Capital token. Fortem Capital have many years’ experience and so far they have carried out the projects of a total value exceeding 40 million USD. Fortem Capital platforms helps to eliminate any investment barriers to access the real estate market. The digitalization of the project lowers the costs and speeds it up by excluding any middlemen and agents.
$50 000/  $50 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $50

Now, send an email to '[email protected]' with same email that you've used to register to the Coinsbit Exchange website. (Include the links with your reposts and your telegram username which you joined the chat)
You will receive 250 FCQ ($50) tokens.

Listed since early stage

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