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IdeaFex Airdrop

IdeaFeX is a marketplace for tokenized real-world assets. They present an easily-navigable marketplace that supports new classes of real-world assets, notably exotic assets and product futures, much of which have been illiquid and/or indivisible. Their unique auction method together with their innovative adoption of distributed ledger technology empowers fundraisers and investors with efficiency and robustness hitherto unseen.
$30 000/  $30 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $15.3

Create and account and verify your email. (+50 IFX)
Login and Complete your Level 2 KYC. (+50 IFX)
You will get 100 IFX tokens.
You can earn an additional 50 IFX for every referral that complete their KYC.

I hereby declare the following: