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Little Phil Airdrop

Little Phil uses blockchain technology and user experience (UX) designed around a positive psychology framework to allow people to have the oversight, control and emotional connection of a philanthropist, without giving large amounts.
$100 000/  $100 000
Airdrop finished
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Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to littlephil.org and sign up
2. You will receive 125 LPC on your Ethereum Wallet and you will see the progress of the airdrop from your Cocoricos' dashboard.
3. At completion of the airdrop, you will receive a mail containing a URL.
4. Refer friends to earn 125 for every referral! You can refer an unlimited amount of users!
5. You can also check your referral balance on your Little Phil dashboard.


If you’re the type of person who loves the feeling of giving to others. But you want to see the direct impact of your giving and how your donations are spent. Then you’ll love what Josh and his team at Little Phil are bringing to the industry. They’ve partnered with Griffith University, one of the top 3% of Universities worldwide, in various aspects of financial services and blockchain technologies. And they’re focusing on charities.

Because charities need help these days. Indeed, they face expensive upfront marketing intermediary costs that are prohibitive for smaller charities to engage with. And the industry has seen a decline of approximately 50% in donor engagement from younger generations.

These younger generations complain about pushy outdated sales methods, trust issues, and a lack of transparency. Furthermore, their team identified two obstacles to giving. First of all, givers need to know if the receivers have genuine needs. And they need to know the impact their donation would actually have on the cause. Because they’ve seen charities where the biggest share of a donation covers the administrative and marketing costs…

Little Phil will address these issues by providing Proof of Need and Proof of Impact reassurances to givers, thanks to blockchain.

Proof of Need: Each receiver gets a Unique Digital Identity (UDID), that is cryptographically secured. And Little Phil can confirm receipt of donated goods and cross-reference receiver history. These UDIDs are essential to establish authenticity and reduce welfare fraud. They ensure the funds or goods have been received by the appropriate person.
Proof of Impact: All the donations are listed on a public ledger, along with the direct appreciation shown from the receiver to the giver, and social sharing impact statistics. Givers are notified the instant that their receiver acknowledges delivery of the items purchased for them and due to the UDID system they know that only the receiver they gave to could have taken delivery of the goods, confirming Proof of Impact on the receivers life.

Finally, Little Phil will give charities access to donations at a much lower cost than they currently incur. They charge just 6% to maintain the platform.
LPC tokens by Little Phil

Little Phil Coin (LPC) is a utility token built around the ERC-20 standard on the ethereum blockchain. The max supply is 1,000,000,000 LPC tokens.

The LPC utility token drives the functionality of the little Phil platform, specifically:

Rapid low cost transfer;
Traceability of transactions and costs;
Currency conversions via atomic swaps;
UDID creation;
In app reward tokens;
Emergency relief fund;
Staking and voting rights;
Just in time smart contracts; and
Platform usage fees.

All platform use of LPC requires it to be purchased from third-party exchanges. Demand for LPC from these exchanges increases in proportion to the growing number of people using the platform due to: all donations being converted to LPC, all future charity platform integrations using LPC; and all platform fees (capped at 6%) are payable in LPC only.
How to get the free LPC tokens?

It’s not really a cryptocurrency airdrop. But there’s a wide range of ways to earn LPC: From easy tasks, like following and commenting on social channels, to tasks requiring more effort such as writing a blog review.

For those of you wanting to engage in simple tasks, the easiest way is to follow their Gleam Bounty and competition campaign. This campaign allows bounty hunters to claim an easy 12 USD worth of LPC. And it also comes with a unique referral link that grants 1 USD worth of LPC for each person they refer that enters the campaign. Each LPC earned also grants one entry to win 2,500 USD worth of LPC. Dear hunters, you can begin the hunt here.

For those of you wanting to earn more LPC tokens, check their influencer bounty, which includes tasks that can be repeated daily such as commenting. And you can register here: You’ll be kept up to date on a scorecard that’s updated weekly. Of course, you can do both bounty programs at the same time!

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