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Pantos (BitPanda) Airdrop

The Bitpanda team developed a new project called Pantos: The first multi-blockchain token system. No linkedIn links of the team members. The whitepaper is a vision paper but that's about the same. We don't know they they named it different. According to their vision paper the sell 400,000,000 tokens for 1,500 BTC (0,00000375 BTC per PAN). The total supply is 1B tokens. 40% of the tokens will be retained by them and 10% goes to the team. That's too much in our opinion. They're too greedy. A good project sells at least more than 70% of the tokens. If we estimate 50,000 participants you'll receive about 200 tokens worth about $6.
$128 700/  $128 700
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.2

Listed since early stage

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