Product Protocol

Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows an entrepreneur to tokenize their assets and raise funds for scaling. Companies on Product Protocol can scale further than ever before. A universal token for the tokenization of any assets allows you to instantly create a digital asset and a decentralized market will enable people from all over the world to purchase it. Product Protocol is a real project that utilized all the advantages of new technologies for real world application not in a distant future, but here and now. As a platform Product Protocol contains the following components and features: 1. Smart ID (User identification and authentication system that allows users to register their identity); 2. Decentralized Product Exchange (DPE); 3. Decentralized Marketplace; 4. Token-Curated Registries (Token-curated registries (TCR) are cryptosystems, which are increasingly utilized to solve various problems); 5. Voting; And many more.
$32 725/  $50 000
Airdrop ends in 1d 03h 28m
Estimated Value : $10

imilarly, complete other social tasks.
Type '/address' and submit your ERC20 wallet address.
Submit your other details to the airdrop bot.
You will get 10,000 PPO tokens.
You can earn an additional PPO tokens by referring your friends.
To earn more tokens, Participate in their Bounty:

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