The philosophy of QDAO is to create a truly decentralized stable asset. All decisions are made by the QDAO community. There is no centralized control. Users can change anything, if the community supports the initiative. Users can track all the transactions in real time and know for sure that particular stable is backed by a particular crypto asset. The tokens are self-stabilizing, always stable. Environment doesn't matter. According to the nature of decentralized stable coin it can’t fall or take off with big fluctuations. Self-stabilizing algorithms and market itself will always keep the price stable. Using the Q Box people can easily mine Q DAO tokens.
$40 000/  $40 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $8

Similarly, complete other social tasks and earn more 4 USDQ tokens.
Submit your details to the airdrop page.
You will receive up to 8 USDQ tokens for completing all tasks.
For receiving tokens, submit your ERC20 wallet Address in your profile: bounty.qdao.io/login/?utm_sour...
Complete more Bounty tasks to earn additional USDQ tokens.
Also earn an additional 1 USDQ for per referral. Your referre will also receive 1 USDQ.

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