To protect EGG Owners and keep the EGG price grow, Cocoricos decided to set the last EGG AIRDROP Round in 2019 to the date of 01 AUG 2019. This only concerns Cocoricos' Airdrop, EGG payers receive tokens within 24 hours. If you grabbed free EGG from the airdrop after 01 AUG 2019, you should wait for Cocoricos' Exchange in 2020 Q4 to receive ALL EGG that you see on your profile. Our goal is: 1 EGG > $ 1. Participate at the EGG Pre-Sale by clicking here. You will be able to purchase EGG at the lowest price ever.

Boost your audience by distributing EGGs to our taskforce

Cocoricos’ Active Userbase is now composed of 50 000 Airdrop Hunters and we grow exponentially.


Multiply your Crypto

Exponentially Growing

An Irreplaceable

Become a Cocoricos’

Multiply your
Crypto Audience

Our userbase is now composed of more than 50 000 Airdrop Hunters who are verified through KYC. Cocoricos automatically makes your project appear above others if the Airdrop Hunter is more interested by your market.


+55K Airdrop Hunters
on Cocoricos

Cocoricos active Airdrop Hunters is doubling every month since 6 months now. We grow exponentially thanks to our Amazing Community.


An Irreplaceable

Eggs Tokens allow you to obtain exchange value with a high growth potential during a Cost Per Action advertising campaign, or Airdrop.


Become a
Cocoricos’ Partner

Cocoricos believes in sustainable and fair partnerships. We already count famous blockchain names in our Partners' list, and would love to have you too. Fill up the form and we will reach you back.



Why do I need to buy Eggs to promote my Crypto Project

Eggs are famous in the Cocoricos' community and Airdrops Hunters are usually more attracted by Eggs by other types of project.
It helps your project if you do not have the optics to create a token, or if you need to face the public and improve your strategy, can be calibrated on the Egg.
This makes it the first Airdrop token that can hold other airdrops and by the same way secure them.

Can Cocoricos qualify new leads to my Crypto Project?

Yes, our userbase is now composed of more than 50 000 Airdrop Hunters who are verified through KYC. Cocoricos will automatically make your project appear above others if the Airdrop Hunter is more interested by your market.

How long does it take to start getting new users from Cocoricos?

You will start getting new users instantly as soon as you submit the form to promote your project. It will take 24 hours for your project to be active on the platform.

How do Cocoricos earn money?

Cocoricos' tools such as the Airdrop Tasker, the Airdrop Maker, or the Retail Manager are all free. The business model is linked to the Eggs Booster on which we sell Eggs in exchange for Audience and Airdroppers' Taskforce. On the IEO/STO/ICO Explorer, we take a 4.7% to 10% fee depending on the payment method

Airdrops are getting a bad reputation because many people are here to get the reward without understanding the project, do you have a solution for this?

We propose tasks such as Quizes, Ask Me Anything or Surveys that you can add in your tasklist and will make your audience better understand your project.

I don’t know a lot about Crypto, where can I find some documentation?

We suggest you to read Cocoricos' Master Lexicon by clicking here.

Is Cocoricos an Exchange?

Cocoricos is a Certified Changelly Partner with whom we cooperate to let you purchase Crypto using a simple credit card or other cryptocurrencies.

Do Cocoricos hold or host clients' funds?

No. Cocoricos relies on users or partners to process these actions.

What types of projects are proposed on Cocoricos?

We propose the promotion of all crypto projects at any stage of their progress: Airdrop, Pre-Sale, Public Sale (IEO/STO/ICO), Exchange

Will I have to complete a KYC to promote my project?

Yes and your project will have to be validated by our teams before being prmoted.

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