Make sure deals, take loans, hire specialists and exchange cryptocurrency for cash anywhere in the world.
$4 841 600/  $16 000 000
ICO ends in 2m 2d 08h 31m
1 IPT = $0.1000

* this project will only be funded if the target of $16,000,000 is reached.

Crypt-ON is a P2P platform built on blockchain technology to provide safe and secure trades in cryptocurrency.

Crypt-ON is aimed at a wide range of users—from beginner crypto-enthusiasts and freelancers to investors and managers of blockchain projects. This is a place where people meet, make deals, get loans for their projects, exchange digital assets for money, and look for work or performers for their tasks, all by using cryptocurrency for payments.

The Crypt-ON platform provides users with access to 4 services:

Service to assist in secure trades through an independent arbitrator (escrow) It provides the ability to conduct any type of secure trade using cryptocurrency. The insurance of transactions will serve as additional protection of interests of all parties.

Service to assist in finding and obtaining loans (P2P lending) It provides the opportunity to borrow/lend in cryptocurrencies on mutually beneficial terms without the participation of an intermediary. The use of a rating system that determines the level of reliability of potential borrowers will reduce the number of defaults to a minimum.

Service to assist in finding employment/specialists (crypto-freelance job exchange) It provides independent professionals in the field of the crypto industry the possibility of finding remote work, and companies or projects—the possibility of hiring such specialists. The parties can directly agree on the execution of various types of work, using the cryptocurrency in their calculations.

Service to assist platform members in P2P cryptocurrency exchange without mediators. It provides users with the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money between themselves directly without the participation of an intermediary, using geotargeting to find contractors in their region.

Need Help ?

  • Is there a minimum rate for my investment ?
  • Will I be refunded if the ICO has not reached its minimum investment (Soft Cap) ?
  • How can I contact you for some assistance ?
  • How can I contact you for some assistance ?