is an investment Fund created to open access to earnings on investments for a wide range of people on the basis of a smart and safe system of capital distribution, powered by AI. Our mission is to maximize investors’ profits through investments in promising ideas and transform those ideas into commercially effective business projects.
$12 008 000/  $34 425 000
ICO ends in 3m 6d 09h 35m
1 TFIO = $0.2500

* this project will only be funded if the target of $34,425,000 is reached.

The cryptocurrency market scales every year and its capitalization is constantly growing: more and more investors taking interest in investments into blockchain technologies. 2017 and 2018 are considered to be ‘golden’ for the cryptocurrency market. is a bridge between established investors and the cryptocurrency world, between crypto-investors and a real business. helps investors to strike a balance between risky investments and long-term investments through using modern technologies such as ‘Axon’ artificial intelligence and safe and smart capital distribution system.