To protect EGG Owners and keep the EGG price grow, Cocoricos decided to set the last EGG AIRDROP Round in 2019 to the date of 01 AUG 2019. This only concerns Cocoricos' Airdrop, EGG payers receive tokens within 24 hours. If you grabbed free EGG from the airdrop after 01 AUG 2019, you should wait for Cocoricos' Exchange in 2020 Q4 to receive ALL EGG that you see on your profile. Our goal is: 1 EGG > $ 1. Participate at the EGG Pre-Sale by clicking here. You will be able to purchase EGG at the lowest price ever.

The #1 Tokenized Assets Platform

Boost your wealth with safe Tokenized Assets such as Real Estate Tokens. Entry Ticket as low as $10.

Asset Tokenization Starting from $ 10



Unique Tokens

Ownership of each Property is distributed across a finite number of representative tokens. Based on token share, owners can collect revenue from rent, and vote on property decisions .



With blockchains, we no longer need to wait 30 days to receive a bank transfer. Owning a Real Estate Token with Cocoricos allows you to collect rent every day. Rent is paid using a US-Dollar stablecoin, sent directly to the Ethereum wallet that owns the Real Estate Token.



Real estate can’t directly be tokenized, but legal entities can. Each property is owned by a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Each LLC is tokenized to specific Real Estate Tokens and made available for purchase.



Each Cocoricos Property has a dedicated property management company. It sources tenants, collects rents and manages repairs on your behalf so that you, as a Token Holder, don’t have to.

Rent payments are automatically sent to Investors


Tenant rents a
Cocoricos Property




Real Estate
Token Owners


Withdraw to
Bank Account


Why is Tokenization

Asset tokenization are revolutionizing the financial industry and changing the way investors think about assets. Till now, investment opportunities in the lucrative real-estate sector were reserved for big investors, developers, and corporates.

Now, divisible assets that are accessible globally at lower transaction cost, offer global investors access to large, high-return real-estate investments.

Digitization of real-world illiquid assets also benefits the asset owners. They are instantly linked to a global network of investors and able to trade and sell their assets 24/7.

  • flexible-iconFlexible Transparency
  • smaller-iconSmaller investment tickets
  • augmented-iconAugmented Liquidity
  • expanded-iconExpanded geographical reach
  • interoperability-iconInteroperability
  • primary-iconPrimary & Secondary markets
  • primary-iconMonthly revenues

Cocoricos is a
Blockchain Pioneer

Cocoricos is a number one tokenization platform for Real-Estate assets on the blockchain.

We find the most profitable, 100% vetted investment opportunities in the hottest locations around the world. All you need to do is choose your favorite real-estate.

Are you a home-owner? We provide a complete tokenization service that includes legal advice, custom token issuance, smart contracts design, and easy to navigate dashboard so you can follow your house sale progress.



icn_sketchTotal Raised Funds




icon-dashboardMonthly Audience


icon-listed-projectsListed Projects


icon-medalListed Advisors


Automatically comply with applicable securities & anti-money laundering regulation with compliant processes integrated in the issuing platform and underlying smart contract.


Secure Blockchain Asset Tokenization

Provide your investors with a self-branded user account protected by password, KYC verification and 2FA identification, for them to access investments, balance, premium orders and more.



How can I be sure that the ownership of Real Estate tokens will be officially linked to my identity?

As soon as your identity is verified, your name will be registered as a share holder of the real etsate you invest in, this is handled by our partner Alpha Notaires that is a French Notary service, as well as payments until funds get raised. Your ETH address will be whitelisted on our KYC smart contract so that you can receive your tokens. If the funds are not raised you will be automatically refunded in Stable USD.

How do Cocoricos earn money?

Cocoricos' tools such as the Airdrop Tasker, the Airdrop Maker, or the Retail Manager are all free. The business model is linked to the Eggs Booster on which we sell Eggs in exchange for Audience and Airdroppers' Taskforce. On the IEO/STO/ICO Explorer, we take a 4.7% to 10% fee depending on the payment method

I don’t know a lot about Crypto, where can I find some documentation?

We suggest you to read Cocoricos' Master Lexicon by clicking here.

Is Cocoricos an Exchange?

Cocoricos is a Certified Changelly Partner with whom we cooperate to let you purchase Crypto using a simple credit card or other cryptocurrencies.

Do Cocoricos hold or host clients' funds?

No. Cocoricos relies on users or partners to process these actions.

What types of projects are proposed on Cocoricos?

We propose the promotion of all crypto projects at any stage of their progress: Airdrop, Pre-Sale, Public Sale (IEO/STO/ICO), Exchange

My ETH Wallet is on an exchange, does it support ERC-20 Tokens?

No. We help you list your personal Ethereum Wallet on Cocoricos that does not control your funds. You do.

We advise you to use Hardware Wallets, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mycrypto. Do not use Coinbase, Binance or any other exchange.

What is the Egg Token?

Airdrops projects that do not have the optics to create a token, or those who need to face the public and improve their chips during the campaign, can be calibrated on the Egg. This makes it the first Airdrop token that can hold other airdrops and by the same way secure them.

I can not complete my KYC because my country forbids Telegram and therefore Telegram Passport.

We rely on Telegram Passport to validate your KYC, if your country is forbidden, please contact us on our Telegram group and we will help you.

What happens if I lose my ETH private key that holds my Real Estate Tokens?

If you lose access to your Ethereum Private key for any reason, you will have to contact our Support that will redirect you to the KYC provider that manages the KYC of the property on which you invested. You will have to upload your new ETH wallet to your profile and it will be updated by the KYC Provider to the KYC smart contract.

Why is the EGG distribution planned for 2020 Q4 (regarding Cocoricos' Airdrop, Vave's Airdrop and Profile Dashboard Rewards)?

Let’s take this example, we distribute all EGG now that have been grabbed for free, even if they have been grabbed for free, users will possiblty sell it at a very cheap price.

Now let’s consider EGG’s rate until the end of our IEO, EGG is now 0.02$ and will be 0.05$ at the end of the IEO. As soon as we get listed, free EGG holders will then possibly sell them at a lower rate and will still be a benefit.

It will then make EGG’s rate decreased, this is the reason why we only distribute EGG to EGG payers for the moment, until 2020 Q4.

We already distrbitued free EGG few months ago and decided to add this condition to keep EGG’s rate grow. Another thing here, we need the EGG to be used and increase EGG’s utility value to then make sure that the speculative value grows in the same way.

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