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We audit ICOs through mandated and recognized experts in a variety of fields: crypto, legal, technical, financial, marketing. Your search is thus simplified to secure your investment.


Choice and Payment

You chose with simplicity. You will pay with simplicity and security.
Until the closing of the ICO, all your funds are preserved in an account managed by a notary.


Receive your tokens

Once the ICO is completed, you receive the tokens for your purchases safely and easily. A 24/24 7j/7 support team will be dedicated to you.

Increased security

A good investment is first and foremost a secure investment. Cocoricos mandates experts in the fields of finance, law and crypto to select the most viable and successful projects.

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Conform to Legislation

The security of your investment is go through the formalization of acts such as the "White Paper" and the "Smart Contract". After verification, these acts are included in the minutes of the Vincennes notarial study.

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Simplicity of Purchase

Buying tokens is often a difficult experience, Cocoricos has developed a unique experience to offer you simplicity. You buy your tokens in Fiat Money, simply ...

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Cocoricos allows you to receive all offers as soon as they are listed on the site.


Some of the ICOs that were called before their public sale. + 733% ROI