Conform to Legislation

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Listed ICOs are audited by Cocoricos’ International Lawyers who audited legal documentations and verified their compliancy in projects’ respective countries. We made sure the projects are 100% GDPR- Compliant.

We, at Cocoricos, believe that the crypto and blockchain space, although brimming with excellent opportunities, is also mired in scams and regulatory tussles with various authorities. In our effort to create a seamless and effortless experience of investing in the right ICOs that will generate long term value and wealth for our customers, we are very critical of the legal and legislative aspects of what we do.

All the ICOs that are listed on the Cocoricos site are audited by an eminent panel of international lawyers that will verify that the company is legal, registered and still functioning. We also need to follow regulations to make sure that the ICO is in a country that does not have any legal hurdles like bans. Through our comprehensive KYC processes, we also ensure that the potential investors are verified and not coming from restricted countries as stated in the ICO white paper.