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Investing in an ICO with the current methodology is long and often painful. The process is cumbersome and tedious and more often than not sucks the motivation out of an investor. The process of buying and managing Tokens on Cocoricos has been firmly set up by a team of data-driven UX Designers. Several levels of Users Interviews have been established under the aegis of the Sprint Design methodology.

To solve these problems, to make the process simple and seamless and to bring a hitherto unknown class of investors into the crypto sphere, Cocoricos has created a platform that makes investing in ICOs a breeze.

First, Cocoricos has solved the problem of choosing the right ICO to invest in. It follows a stringent screening process to choose the right ICOs and displays them on its site.

Second, it allows buying of ICO tokens using one’s credit card. So instead of first buying ETH or BTC and then sending them to the ICO, you can simply use your credit card, confirm the amount you wish to invest and just sit tight until the ICO sends you its tokens. You can then also follow how your tokens are doing all from a single comprehensive dashboard on Cocoricos.

We listen carefully and thoughtfully to our community and keep on making our processes better, so that our community benefits. We have renowned experts in UI and UX who work tirelessly to make the Cocoricos process the easiest in the world.