Join the Cocoricos Club for Private Pools

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1. Register with your invitation link by clicking on LOGIN and then on No account yet ?. Please note that you will not be able to participate without having been invited beforehand.

2. Fill in your first name, last name, email and password. Please read the Terms & Conditions before checking the box “I certify that the Terms & Conditions

3. Go to the BOUNTY MAX page in the top of

4. Click on the “GET FREE TOKENS” button

5. In the “TASKS” tab, connect your 8 social networks by clicking on each of the “LINK MY ACCOUNT” buttons. If you do not have one of the accounts, you will need to create it first. At this point you have already earned a number of Eggs Tokens.

6. Affiliate 3 people through your activation link that you will find in your profile page under the AFFILIATE tab

7. You’ve unlocked new tasks that are offered by Cocoricos’ Airdrops Partners.

8. Collect respective Airdrops Tokens from Cocoricos’ Partners and get Eggs Tokens bonuses for each task performed for a partner Airdrop.

9. Reach the first 1000 Eggs milestone and become a member of the Cocoricos Club for Private Pools (CCPP)

10. You now have privileged access to the personalized advice of Pools managers and receive your network regularly in Cocoricos meeting rooms.

11. Pay Day! Get tokens, dollars, bitcoins, ethereum or gifts with your Eggs Tokens.

12. Come back every day to get free Tokens thanks to Cocoricos partners as well as Eggs Tokens.