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1. Is the website in beta mode?

The website - for its Airdrop area - is currently (11 Nov 2018) a tasklist and you will see major updates soon like embedded iframes to go much faster on doing the actions, you will be able to follow your airdrops and to add your wallet. This will be live during the month of November. It is now totally working with links to operate the actions. Just create an account and you will be updated with these new features as soon as they are live.

2. Can I follow my other airdrops from my Cocoricos’ Dashboard

This is part of the upcoming major features. Yes, you will be able to follow your tokens by linking your Ethereum Wallet to your Cocoricos’ account.

3. When will I get my Cocoricos’ Eggs?

You have to complete ALL Cocoricos’ actions to claim your tokens. Eggs will reach your wallet and Cocoricos’ Airdrop > ICO stages are finished. You will see your Tokens on your Dashboard before 30 Nov 2018. Fake Accounts can not be accepted !

4. Are Eggs ERC20 Compatible?

Yes, you have to create your wallet on myetherwallet.com Eggs will be ERC20 compatible.