In 2019, the last Eggs Airdrop Round occured in August 1st. If you grabbed EGGs from Cocoricos' Airdrop (or any other Eggdrop) after that date, we will propose you to wait for Cocoricos' Exchange in 2020 Q3 to receive ALL EGGs that you see on your profile. Our goal is: 1 EGG > $ 1. Participate at the EGG Pre-Sale by clicking here. You will be able to purchase EGG at the lowest price ever.


Cocoricos aims to protect Crypto-Investors and Airdrops Hunters by listing the most promising projects through Advanced Algorithms for Big Data Analysis. We are Airdropping 39,065,000 Eggs representing (01 Aug 19) a total of 390,650 $US. Cocoricos' Eggs Tokens allow you to obtain exchange value with a high growth potential during a Cost Per Action advertising campaign, or Airdrop. The Egg therefore provides an audience boost for fundraising projects in Cryptos whose viability has been proven. Other crypto-currencies would be of little interest to companies because they require a higher initial investment for a lower result. Either the currency is too expensive or the project is not incentivizing enough to reach a momentum. Eggs' supply and initial rate is following the Metcalfe Law to propose the perfect match between "Crypto Projects" and "Crypto - Hunters/Investors" requirements.
$ 72 118/  $ 390 650
Airdrop started since 4m 17d 13h 40m
Estimated Value : $6.3

To grab your tokens, you need to fill all the tasks in Cocoricos' Airdrop's tasklist. You will see your tokens on your Dashboard as soon as Cocoricos' Airdrop > ICO stages are finished.

1,000 First Airdroppers = 630 Eggs Tokens
1,000 - 5,000 Airdroppers = 315 Eggs Tokens
5,000 - 50,000 Airdroppers = 215 Eggs Tokens
50,000 - 150,000 Airdroppers = 100 Eggs Tokens
150,000 - 500,000 Airdroppers = 50 Eggs Tokens.

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