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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is hard fork (a community-activated update to the protocol or code) of Bitcoin that took effect on August 1st, 2017 that increased the block size to 8MB, to help the scale the underlying technology of Bitcoin.Nov 16th 2018: BCH was hard forked again and split into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC. Bitcoin ABC became the dominant chain and took over the BCH ticker as it had more hashpower and majority of the nodes in the network.
$ 214.13-0.16%
Volume (24h) $ 948 468 108.49
MARKET CAP $ 3 967 233 876.76

Bitcoin Cash - a Currency to Be Traded

The founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, created bitcoin with the aim to develop a decentralized, peer to peer currency. Over the years, bitcoin has gained remarkable popularity. However, with a rise in the users’, concerns of scalability began to emerge. The protocol of bitcoin could not meet up the demand with its increase in the number of users.

To address these scalability issues, the developers initiated a hard fork of bitcoin blockchain in August 2017. The result of this hard fork is bitcoin cash cryptocurrency, which allowed for larger block size and in-turn increase in the number of transactions per second.

Buy Bitcoin Cash Instantly

Now that what part is clear, it immediately raises the question of how to buy bitcoin cash?

Step 1: Head over to Cocoricos bitcoin cash page and click on ‘Buy Bitcoin Cash Now’.

Step 2: Enter the amount of BCH tokens that you want to buy. You have the option to buy with fiat currencies dollars (USD), Euro (EUR) and Pound (GBP). Click on ‘Swap Now’.

Step 3: Enter your bitcoin cash wallet address, e-mail ID and password in the required fields and click on Proceed.

Step 4: On the payments processing page, you can enter your VISA/ Mastercard details and in a few clicks receive BCH tokens directly in your personal wallet.

Why Buy BCH?

Here are some of the compelling reasons to buy BCH tokens

Bitcoin Cash is a Fork of Bitcoin

The major advantage of bitcoin cash is that it is a fork of bitcoin. Hence, it instantly garnered acceptance among the crypto community thus making it one of the top listed cryptocurrencies in the market today

It Provides Additional Features to Bitcoin Protocol

Alongside the most basic and prominent features of bitcoin, BCH provides other substantial benefits of faster transactions and increased scalability in the protocol.

Bitcoin Cash Has Outperformed

In its 2-year run, it has outperformed a number of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

Cryptocurrencies are Gaining Wider Acceptance

All across the globe, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and a number of nations have started regulating it. This will invariably increase the demand for crypto including BCH tokens.

Why Choose Cocoricos?

Cocoricos offers you a frictionless platform to buy bitcoin cash in a few simple steps. Our platform offers you the best class service to instantly receive bitcoin cash in your wallet.

A Trustworthy, Reliable, and Secure Platform

Through the years, Cocoricos has earned the trust and become a level playing member in this field. It has partnered with one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms Changelly, whose trading algorithm is itself integrated with other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

Further, by associating itself with a prominent exchange, our platform grants you optimum security by enabling protocols such as 2 FA authentication and also KYC/ AML compliance.

We Offer Multiple Currency Options

Cocoricos offers multiple currency options including dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), and Pounds (GBP) for you to buy different cryptocurrencies from the platform.

Fast Track Verification

Setting up your account is easy, seamless, and fast. Once all the relevant details are verified you can instantly start buying bitcoin cash from our platform.

Negligible Transaction Fees

We directly compete with the other exchanges by providing you the lowest transaction fees for crypto to fiat transactions in the market.

BCH Fork Upgrades

A fork in a cryptocurrency basically refers to a split in the blockchain. This is mainly to upgrade a network that essentially adds new technical features better capable of handling requirements. A bitcoin cash fork was the result of the split in bitcoin blockchain for providing additional technological features like scalability.

Furthermore, in November 2018, the cryptocurrency experienced another fork splitting it into two chains namely Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV.

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin has attained considerable success in the past few years. Its limited capacity for transaction processing has not been able to cater to the growing demands. This resulted in an increase in transaction fees as well as confirmation time.

At present, bitcoin has the capacity to process 7 to 10 transactions per second. Additionally, one block size of bitcoin is limited to 1 MB. In contrast to this, the bitcoin cash block size was increased to 8 MB per block. This directly resulted in a speedy verification for the transaction and processing them at a much faster scale. The number of transactions that bitcoin cash can process is 116 tps.

Furthermore, the verification time per block has considerably reduced. With bitcoin, each block is added to the blockchain every 10 minutes while bitcoin cash adds a block every 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Within a short span, the cryptocurrency has gained its prominence in the market. It is one of the top-ranking digital currency in the crypto market.

Explore Your Options After Buying Bitcoin Cash

Now there are a couple of options for you available after receiving bitcoin cash in your wallet.

Store or Hold BCH Tokens

You can choose to store or hold your BCH tokens for longer-term similar to stocks. You can then choose to sell your tokens at a higher price and make a profit from the price difference.

Trade Bitcoin Cash

With modern methods now available at your disposal, you can choose to trade bitcoin cash through the option of leverage trading. This allows you to trade more tokens than you ideally have in your wallet

Converting To Other Cryptocurrency

You can convert your BCH tokens to other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. You can also opt in to convert your BCH to other altcoins available in the cryptocurrency market.

Buy Goods and Services

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has made it possible to use it as a payment method. You can use your BCH coins to buy goods and services alike our fiat currency.


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