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  • Intuituve Interface Easy participation and dividends tracking

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Perfect for individuals

$ 425$ 475

One Time Payment

  • Tokenizing your Real Estate in 24 hours
  • Custom Token Smart Contract
  • Custom Token Offerings Smart Contract
  • Custom KYC Whitelist Smart Contract
  • Custom Dividends Distribution Smart Contract
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Tokenization + Listing

Perfect for businesses

$ 550$ 620

One Time Payment

  • All Tokenization features
  • Reach 75 000+ registered investors
  • Listing your project for 15 days
  • We will email our 75K newsletter subscribers about your Real Estate
  • We will share your Airdrop to our 50K social followers


Perfect for large companies


One Time Payment

  • Custom Advices to launch your Project
  • Smart Contracts Advanced Development
  • Cobranding Landing Page
  • Presentation to Partners

Your Real Estate
Tokenization starts here

Grab advices from our experts before moving forward.


  • ERC20 Token Primary Issuance
  • Secondary Market Connection
  • Escrow Management
  • Dividends Distribution Smart Contract
  • Customer Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Funding Introducer
  • Inbound Marketing Services
  • Outbound Marketing Services
  • Automatic Accounting Services
  • Club Deals Privatisation
  • Fundraising page
  • White Paper Drafting
  • KYC Whitelist Smart Contract
  • Legal Audit

Benefits of Tokenization

The tokenization of assets is revolutionizing the financial industry and changing the way investors trade and manage assets. Until now, investment opportunities in the solid real estate sector have been restricted to accredited investors, real estate developers and businesses.


Swap your assets

Possibility of exchanging assets (materialized by tokens) 24 hours a day and with the whole world. We connect you to thousands of other investors on exchanges like Uniswap, Kyber, or 0x.


Minimal entry tickets

The minimum entry ticket can be around $ 10 on each project, this is due to the savings achieved through the management and distribution of funds on the blockchain. This opens up prospects for liquidity.


Distribution automation

If the fundraising is successful, you automatically receive your real estate tokens and then your dividends in the form of $DAI. The real estate administrator will see his task lightened and overhead costs are therefore reduced.



Stay safe by having your say at every stage of the project you have invested in. Keep an eye on every aspect of the project with the increased transparency of blockchain.


Keep your income on the blockchain

Your income stays on the blockchain without fluctuating, you can only convert it when you want to use it on a daily basis.

Meet the world by
tokenizing your property

Tokenize Property

Your Real Estate traded all over the World !

Shares of your company owning Real Estate are now represented by tokens and can therefore be traded on global exchanges such as Cocoricos upcoming Dex or Uniswap.

1 Company Share = 1 Token.


Alpha Notaires,
a trusted partner

Cocoricos has had a direct relationship with our partner notaries for years. The blockchain is for them a major technological revolution and in particular as regards the activity of notaries.

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