???? EGG is now tradable ! Harvest some to boost your APY ????

300cubits Airdrop

The project is incredible good. Very good use case for the blockchain and the whitepaper and team is very promising. Because of the few participants you have a good chance to get a lot of tokens even if the bounty takes a bit longer than other airdrops because you have to do some tasks. There are currently about 17k member and a lot of them don't have the required 500 points to be eligible for tokens. Only about 7000 member share the whole pool of 360,000 TEU (900 ETH !). You only don't know how much tokens every pool has (silver, gold, diamond). If you're able to try to get 1,250 for a high chance for many tokens. The tokens will be distributed at the end of the ITO (April 12th)
$117 000/  $117 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2

Listed since early stage

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