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Akropolis Airdrop

Blockchain Pensions Infrastructure The world???s pensions are in turmoil. As our societies are getting older, the systems designed to support us into retirement are massively inefficient.

Very good whitepaper and a 10 person experienced team and additionally to that some well-known advisors.

The airdrop takes only about a minute. The only disadvantage should be the rather low value. They allocate 1% of their hardcap - tokens worth $250,000 - for their whole bounty campaign and 15% of that for the Telegram airdrop which is about $37,500. Therefore if they manage to get about 40,000 participants which seems reasonable because the airdrop doesn't have a referral system you receive tokens worth around $1. But like we said it's quite easy to claim and when the airdrop started they already had 6,000 members. So there might be the chance that they have way less participants.

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