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$114 802/  $114 802
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $20

Today we have another great and worthy airdrop for our airdrop hunters to claim thanks to Bankiom project where our airdrop hunters can participate and earn up to 20 USD for completing some easy social media such as visiting the official Bankiom website, register on their website, verify your email address, login and copy your referral code and invite one friend to receive your 20 USD reward. You can also earn an additional 5 USD for each of your other referrals. To be eligible for the airdrop you must complete all of their social media tasks. Bankiom has their own blockchain with a price of 1 USD and a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens.
Note When Bankiom goes live and your friend opens their Bankiom account, your credit will automatically appear inside your Bankiom account.

The Bankiom project is a new kind of bank, they offer money management, loan approvals and unparalleled customers support with their innovative banking. Some of they key features are:
- You can open an account on Bankiom in 3 minutes from your phone
- Bankiom has no hidden fees
- They offer Zero-Liability, your account will be insured, fraud protected and secured by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

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