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We have another great and worthy airdrop to claim, today we are able to participate in the BitForex airdrop and claim some valuable BF tokens for completing some easy social media tasks. The BitForex airdrop doesn't have referral program. Their BF token is listed on Coinmarketcap with 31,000,000 market cap and 3,000,000 trading volume per 24 hours. The total supply of the BitForex (BF) token is 10,000,000,000. This airdrop is worth 30 BF tokens that are equal to 0.22$ with the current market price of the BF token.
BitForex - The World???s First One-stop Revenue-sharing Service Platform for Digital Assets.
BitForex is a digital assets trading platform with headquarters in Singapore with independent operating teams in Hong Kong, Malasia, Estonia, Germany, Philippines and other countries and regions with users from the globe, their users are from more than 86 countries.
BitForex has good usage and currently provides its transaction services for more than 100 kinds of currencies. They also have a leading and proactive monitoring system for their digital assets and blockchain. They monitor the global digital asset changes in real-time to detect and prevent potential risks, to do that they have millimeter-level risk and they can detect early warnings, stop trading and protect the system and their investors.

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