???? EGG is now tradable ! Harvest some to boost your APY ????

Blackfol Airdrop

BLACKFOL.IO is a social cross-trading platform augmented by Artificial Intelligence. By using our platform you are able to manage all of your wallets in one place, but not only.

A medium sized project with six team members and a quite short whitepaper. They allocate 10% of their total supply (60,000,000 BLACK) for this airdrops. That's huge! In comparison: Other airdrops allocate a maximum of 1% for their airdrop. We actually think the 10% is already too much to give away for free because this huge amount of free tokens can influence the price drastically when they hit exchanges.

It takes quite a while to finish the airdrop but you receive a bunch of BLACK for it. Pretty fair.

Not a perfect airdrop but still pretty good.

Listed since early stage

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