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$118 577/  $118 577
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.1

Today we have another great and worthy airdrop for our airdrop hunters to claim thanks to CamTV (LKSCOIN) project where our airdrop hunters can earn up to 100 LKSCOIN tokens with an estimated value of 1.10 USD for completing some easy tasks such as registering on the CamTV website, verifying your email address, log in and click on "Certificate your account" and verify your phone number. You can also earn an additional 25 LKSCOIN with an estimated value of 0.45 USD for each of your referrals. To be eligible for the CamTV airdrop reward you must complete all of their listed tasks. They also include 500 MB of Storage Space, 1 Personal Channel, 70% on your info-products and 5% on your Affiliates when you register on their website.

The CamTV (LKSCOIN) project was launched in Austria and it is a new Economic System that was created to value talents. Some of their key features are:
- The First Social Network where the LIKES are worth money
- The First Video Conferencing platform with integrated payment
- The first Social Company that divides all its earnings with its users

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