To protect EGG Owners and keep the EGG price grow, Cocoricos decided to set the last EGG AIRDROP Round in 2019 to the date of 01 AUG 2019. This only concerns Cocoricos' Airdrop, EGG payers receive tokens within 24 hours. If you grabbed free EGG from the airdrop after 01 AUG 2019, you should wait for Cocoricos' Exchange in 2020 Q3 to receive ALL EGG that you see on your profile. Our goal is: 1 EGG > $ 1. Participate at the EGG Pre-Sale by clicking here. You will be able to purchase EGG at the lowest price ever.


EGG's mission is to foster the development of a global crowdfunding currency and infrastructure that provides total transparency and a stable return on investment to Investors


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Allocation on 29 Aug 2019: 128 048 547 EGGs have been distributed so far

Decentralized Token Offerings Platform

Eggonomics + IEO Information

Advantages of HODLing EGG Tokens


Decentralized Token
Offerings Platform

The Blockchain Industry is struggling for a mainstream attention in the wake of the 2018 crypto price collapse that soured much of the public on the financial technology.

Cocoricos is an innovative blockchain project aiming to setup a new crowdfunding ecosystem, removing middlemen and giving access to 1 Billion people to Token Offerings.


Cocoricos’ IEO

In a continuing need for solidity, Cocoricos chooses the IEO model because it is today the most recognized model of confidence and therefore of solidity during a Token Sale.


Soft Cap

If the Soft Cap of $USD 8 000 000 has not been reached before this date, Cocoricos will refund all participants.

291 Days
06 Hours
36 Minutes
15 Seconds
Private Pvt
Pre-IEO 37%
IEO (3 Rounds)
Eggdrop R1* R1
R4 74%

* Round 1 of the Eggs’ Airdrop

Total Supply

4 039MEGG

Nominal price

0.01$ USD

Total token distribution


2 060M EGG

Token Sale + Airdrop

370.5M EGG

Platform Allocation

1 408.5M EGG

Project Development

150M EGG




Private Sale: 100M Eggs

0.01 $ USD

Pre-Sale: 100M Eggs

0.02 $ USD

IEO Round 1: 85M Eggs

0.03 $ USD

IEO Round 2: 37.5M Eggs

0.04 $ USD

IEO Round 3: 19M Eggs

0.05 $ USD


EGG Tokens allow Project Owners to obtain exchange value with a high growth potential during a Token Sale and lower fees.

It gives Contributors an added value on the profits of the Cocoricos company, a voting right on the listed projects, and the right to earn rewards and reductions during investments.

The Cocoricos platform aligns the objectives of all network participants around the EGG Token.


Advantages of HODLing
EGG Tokens

EGG Tokens are irreplaceable. Owners get exclusive advantages within the Cocoricos platform and beyond.


Generate more EGG by holding

Generate bonuses in EGG by keeping them safe on your wallet, this will help the value grow significantly.

Voting Right on Listed Projects

Owning EGG give you the possibility to vote for a project to be listed and give your feedbacks with a higher trust level.

Discounts on Listed Projects

Using the EGG during your investment will give you special and exclusive discounts on Listed Projects

Airdrops, Eggdrops & Rewards

You will get exclusive rewards from listed Token Offerings, Airdrops and Eggdrops.

Growing Metrics

Thanks to a dedicated team of UX designers and Analytics Experts, Cocoricos has the chance to be data-driven today and takes care of having profits, customers and traffic exponentially growing.


2.5M $

August 19

Since last month

+47 500%

Eggs Purchase

Airdrop Lister

Airdrop Tasker

Total Visits

1 Jul - 1 Aug

141 671

New Users


Social Audience


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About Us

Mehdi Radi


Pierre Notton


Rudy Secco


Angel Arsov


Yann Le Floch

Blockchain Thinker

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Julien Largillière

Data Entry Expert

Angela Tomas

Business Development

Marc Lamouret


Abdrahmane Khoma

Chief Ambassador

Olivier Bureth

International Lawyer

Cocoricos’ Ambassadors

Eggdrop, a brand new
way to be discovered

Multiply your audience with our growing taskforce composed of 50 000 Airdrop Hunters.

Boost my project


How do Cocoricos earn money?

Cocoricos' tools such as the Airdrop Tasker™, the Airdrop Maker™, or the Retail Manager™ are all free. The business model is linked to the Eggs Booster™ on which we sell Eggs in exchange for Audience and Airdroppers' Taskforce. On the IEO/STO/ICO Explorer, we take a 4.7% to 10% fee depending on the payment method

I don’t know a lot about Crypto, where can I find some documentation?

We suggest you to read Cocoricos' Master Lexicon by clicking here.

Is Cocoricos an Exchange?

Cocoricos is a Certified Changelly Partner with whom we cooperate to let you purchase Crypto using a simple credit card or other cryptocurrencies.

Do Cocoricos hold or host clients' funds?

No. Cocoricos relies on users or partners to process these actions.

What types of projects are proposed on Cocoricos?

We propose the promotion of all crypto projects at any stage of their progress: Airdrop, Pre-Sale, Public Sale (IEO/STO/ICO), Exchange

My ETH Wallet is on an exchange, does it support ERC-20 Tokens?

No. We help you list your personal Ethereum Wallet on Cocoricos that does not control your funds. You do.

We advise you to use Hardware Wallets, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mycrypto. Do not use Coinbase, Binance or any other exchange.

What is the Egg Token?

Airdrops projects that do not have the optics to create a token, or those who need to face the public and improve their chips during the campaign, can be calibrated on the Egg. This makes it the first Airdrop token that can hold other airdrops and by the same way secure them.

I can not complete my KYC because my country forbids Telegram and therefore Telegram Passport.

We rely on Telegram Passport to validate your KYC, if your country is forbidden, we can not support it for the moment and will propose other options to validate your KYC all over the world.

Cocoricos is needed for the Token Offerings market. Besides being present at its launch will open new exhibitions to the FIAT investing public.

Maria Fernández External Relations

We are following Cocoricos' progress with great interest and know that this team will do big things.

Song Qian Finance and Operations Executive

Be careful, Cocoricos is probably going to overtake the Crowdfunding Market.

David Knott Research

Thank you cocoricos. Your B2B solutions are outstanding, for now our airdrop is limited to 5 countries and we will open it to a worldwide audience with your precious help.

Stephen CM

There can be no real revolution without leverage. Cocoricos has all the cards to fullfill this objective.

Mance Harmon CEO

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