In 2019, the last Eggs Airdrop Round occured in August 1st. If you grabbed EGGs from Cocoricos' Airdrop (or any other Eggdrop) after that date, we will propose you to wait for Cocoricos' Exchange in 2020 Q3 to receive ALL EGGs that you see on your profile. Our goal is: 1 EGG > $ 1. Participate at the EGG Pre-Sale by clicking here. You will be able to purchase EGG at the lowest price ever.


Cocoricos aims to simplify access to major Cryptocurrencies as well as IEO | STO | Real Estate tokens. You can also grab Airdrops x10 faster & for free. Cocoricos’ EGG Tokens provide a qualified audience that will boost communities at any stage of Crypto Projects.
$3 414 897/  $24 000 000
Presale ends in 1m 7d 16h 28m
Exchange: Cocoricos Dex
1 EGG = $0.02

* this project will only be funded if the target of $24,000,000 is reached.

Get involved now in the EGG: The Bitcoin for Global Marketing.

Blockchain Digital Advertising Platform

The Blockchain Industry is struggling for a mainstream attention in the wake of the 2018 crypto price collapse that soured much of the public on the financial technology.

Cocoricos is an innovative blockchain project aiming to setup a new marketing ecosystem, removing middlemen and giving access to 1 Billion people to Crypto.

Cocoricos' IEO

In a continuing need for solidity, Cocoricos chooses the IEO model because it is today the most recognized model of confidence and therefore of solidity during a Token Sale.


Cocoricos’ EGG ERC-20 Tokens are in the heart of the Blockchain. It gives its owners the power to reach a targetted audience and to participate at any stage of crypto projects.


TOTAL SUPPLY = 4 039 Million EGG
RESERVE (51%) = 2 060 Million EGG
Token Sale + Airdrop = 504 Million EGG
Eggdrops Allocation = 1 275 Million EGG
Project Development = 150 Million EGG
Team Members = 50 Million EGG

Token Sale

Private Sale = 25 Million EGG ($ 0.01 /EGG)
Pre-Sale = 250 Million EGG ($ 0.02 /EGG)
IEO Round 1 = 100 Million EGG ($ 0.05 /EGG)
IEO Round 2 = 75 Million EGG ($ 0.10 /EGG)
IEO Round 3 = 25 Million EGG ($ 0.25 /EGG)


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