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Fractional and Frictionless
Tokenized Real Estate

With Cocoricos you can own a fraction of any property, thanks to a fully-compliant real estate tokenization platform powered by the blockchain.


How Does Digital Real Estate Work?

Real estate tokenization means issuing digital tokens as a proof of the property ownership and rights to property income proportional to your share in the property. Tokens are issued on Ethereum's public blockchain to provide secure and immutable proof of purchase free of third parties like banks, legal experts and related costs.

Investing in tokenized real estate gives you access to shared ownership. You also receive dividends from real estate income and you can trade digitized assets at any time using the Cocoricos platform and tokenized assets exchanges.

Grow your Digital Real Estate Portfolio


Ownership Tokens

Digital tokens issued on an open public blockchain are your ownership proof and the equivalent of a legal and compliant contract.


Property Income

You gain a right to property income proportional to your fractional share and payable daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.


LLC Structure

Limited liability company is used to enable the tokenization of real estate and issuance of tokens that guarantee dividends.


Managed Properties

Properties are physically managed by third-party companies that find tenants, manage repairs, and collect the rent.

How to Tokenize a House?

With Cocoricos, the tokenization of your property is hassle-free and easier than putting your house up for sale. You can tokenize your home online by filling the form and submitting the proof of ownership. Tokenizing real estate allows you to sell a whole house or just a fraction of your property to release equity. Through the Cocoricos dashboard, you can choose the amount and the price of tokens to sell. Once tokens are issued, just sit and relax, watching the token sale progress on your dashboard.

Why Buy Digital Real Estate?

Blockchain Proved Ownership

Powered by blockchain, real estate tokens are a secure and immutable record of asset ownership with encoded ownership rights.

Improved Transactions

You can now buy a house with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using faster, cheaper, and more secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Shared Management

Shared ownership means shared property management. You can now participate through the Cocoricos dashboard.

Improved Liquidity

Tokenization increases real estate liquidity thanks to fractional sales, minimal costs, and access to a global marketplace.

Lower Cost

Tokenized real estate limits transaction costs thanks to the exclusion of third parties like banks, agents, and notaries.

Automatic Compliance

Your legal rights and rules of compliance are encoded in your tokens through legally vetted smart contracts.

Cocoricos - #1 Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Cocoricos offers a fully-compliant and hassle-free way to sell your property or a share in your house’s income. Powered by blockchain, the real estate tokenization process is secure, automated, and less expensive than traditional house sales.

Cocoricos guides you through the legal and technical aspects of tokenizing real estate, and connect you to real estate investors through our global marketplace. As an investor, you gain access to shared house ownership, property income, and decision making.

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