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Bitcoin is a digital currency (also called crypto-currency) that is not backed by any country's central bank or government. Bitcoins can be traded for goods or services with vendors who accept Bitcoins as payment.
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Cocoricos BTC Exchange Fast and Safe

Cocoricos offers you a seamless method to buy bitcoin in a few simple steps. Through our platform, you will receive the best class service to instantly receive bitcoin in your wallet.

What is Bitcoin or BTC?

Bitcoin is essentially a digital currency that was invented in 2008 by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The protocol of bitcoin works on a decentralized and peer-to-peer platform.

The virtual currency does not have any physical form. Instead, all the bitcoin transactions, as well as balances, are stored and recorded on a distributed public ledger called a blockchain. This ledger can be viewed by anyone who is a part of the bitcoin blockchain. Furthermore, bitcoin facilitates instant transactions with effectively lower fees as compared to our current financial ecosystem.

In a mere decade, bitcoin has achieved remarkable success and popularity. Its value has grown so much that it has been named as the ‘best performing asset’ of the decade.

Why Should I Buy Bitcoin?

Aside from the exponential growth that it has attained in its value, there are a number of reasons to buy bitcoin. With the unique provisions, the digital currency is set to achieve even new heights in the upcoming year.

A Better Investment

Unlike gold, holding bitcoin does not require any special provisions to store the currency. Millennials have increasingly inclined towards investment in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, its limited supply and technological backing makes it all the more favorable.

Financial Freedom

Bitcoin does not have a central authority controlling each and every move. It offers the power back in the hands of the people thus giving them more financial freedom than our current financial ecosystem.

Efficient and Instant Transactions

You can buy bitcoin instantly or transfer bitcoins to any part of the globe with almost zero transaction fees. Bitcoin offers a quicker, effective, and less costly way to move money around the globe.

Safe and Secure

Our traditional methods of online banking are highly insecure. Through cryptographic protocols, bitcoin offers a much safer and secure way to store and transfer money.

Growing Adoption Rate

Cryptocurrencies are entering a new realm. Governments have also started to recognize its potential and many countries have started legalizing it. As the demand for bitcoin increases, so does its price.

Finite Supply

Bitcoin’s value lies in its finite supply. The scarcity factor in bitcoin ensures that it will always remain a precious asset. Moreover, in the face of any economic crisis, people will be growingly inclined towards this ‘digital gold’.

How to Get Bitcoins

Coming back to the question of the upcoming decade: How to get bitcoins?

With the growing crypto adoption, the interest in bitcoin has subsequently surged. Before buying bitcoin online, you would need a wallet wherein you can safely store your bitcoins. Next, you need to find a platform from where you can buy bitcoin. Cocoricos offers to meet all your needs and further provide optimizes your experience.

Step 1: Go to the bitcoin page of the Cocoricos platform. On the right side of the tab, click on ‘Buy Bitcoin Now’.

Step 2: Now fill in the details including the amount of BTC tokens that you would like to purchase. You will have multiple choices to buy it with fiat currencies dollars (USD), Euro (EUR) and Pound (GBP). Next, proceed to ‘Swap Now’.

Step 3: A new tab of Changelly cryptocurrency exchange will automatically open, wherein you need to add your bitcoin wallet address.

Step 4: You will be guided to a payments page, wherein you have to enter your VISA/ Mastercard details. In a few clicks, you can directly receive BTC tokens in your mentioned wallet address.

Why is Cocoricos the Best Place to Buy BTC Instantly

Cocoricos offers you a seamless platform to buy bitcoin in a few simple steps. Our platform offers you the best class service to instantly receive bitcoin in your wallet.

A Trustworthy, Reliable, and Secure Platform

Through the years, Cocoricos has earned the trust and become a level playing member in this field. It has partnered with one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms Changelly, whose trading algorithm is itself integrated with other prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.

Further, by associating itself with a prominent exchange, our platform grants you optimum security by enabling protocols such as 2 FA authentication and also KYC/ AML compliance.

Cocoricos Offers Multiple Currency Options

Cocoricos offers multiple currency options including dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), and Pounds (GBP) for you to buy different cryptocurrencies from the platform.

Fast Track Verification

Setting up your account is easy, seamless, and fast. Once all the relevant details are verified you can instantly start buying bitcoin from our platform.

Negligible Transaction Fees

We directly compete with the other exchanges by providing you the lowest transaction fees for crypto to fiat transactions in the market.

What to Do After Buying Bitcoin Online

Store or Hold Bitcoins

Bitcoin is treated as an investment machine. You can choose to hold it for a longer time period. You can decide to sell it at a time when the price is high and earn a significant profit.

Trade Bitcoin

New options for bitcoin trading are also available in the market now. Using leveraged trading available on different platforms you can make profits with high and low spreads.

Converting To Other Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market consists of 5000 other cryptocurrencies. You can choose to convert bitcoin into some other prominent altcoins.

Buy Goods and Services

As the popularity of bitcoin is increasing, the merchants that accept it as a payment method are also growing. Recently, the major coffee retailer Starbucks has also started accepting bitcoin payments.