BubbleTone Airdrop

Bubbletone is a decentralized telecommunications ecosystem that allows for the direct connection between mobile operators and mobile subscribers (users) globally. With their blockchain solution, Bubbletone aims to significantly reduce costly international roaming charges for users travelling abroad. In other words, users can enjoy “local rates” for voice calls, message and data usage services when they travel outside of their home countries.
$111 150/  $111 150
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.9

One of it's kind. We highly recommend all our subscribers to sign up this airdrop. ICOBench has rated BubbleTone 4.4/5. Bubbletone has a big and diverse team with core competencies in the telecom arena. Looking at the Linkedin profiles of the team, we can deduce that many of the members have prior work experience for Allo Incognito, a mobile virtual operator. Having a common denominator is always advantageous for a project due to their close team dynamics.

Bubbletone’s CEO (Yuri Morozov), CTO (Oleg Pravdin) and CMO (Sergey Baloyan) have founded a string of successful telecom and software companies and projects. With over 20 members working on the project specializing in telecom applications, IT, blockchain development and marketing, Bubbletone is highly capable of executing their vision and implementing their concept.