Cloud Blockchain Routing Airdrop

The focus of the Cybersecurity Blockchain Routing (CBR) Project is to work to solve the technical and financial hurdles of broad-based distribution and consumption of best breed security, as well as to support the creation of open and standard services for the cost-plus access to granular, best of breed security services in a reliable financially consumable manner for the masses.

Do not underestimate this project. Yes, we do admit there are a lot of things missing on the website but this is a new project and it's still ongoing development. We have personally spoken with the team behind this project and we must admit it sounds very impressive to what they are wanting to achieve. The project has actually partnered with Nubeva which is a publicly-traded entity on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The team behind Nubeva have extensive experience in their respective fields and have contributed to generating revenue in over 500 enterprises.

We expect to see big things coming from CBR.